Terms of service

Standard terms and general conditions of rental services: KILIBIKE, S.L., third companies or parts working in connection with KILIBIKE, S.L. (in this document : COMPANY) provide for rent to the customer sporting equipment, bicycles, parts, accessories and logistics services (in this document : GOODS). Rental rates of supply are fixed and determined at the time of quotation and accepted by the customer with booking payment confirmation. Customer declares that GOODS delivered and provided for rent by the COMPANY are conform to the category agreed in rental quote and with booking payment and that technical features and specifications of GOODS are comply with required usage for which are rented. Supply services are subject to terms and conditions set out in this document.

Delivery and return THE CUSTOMER acknowledges that GOODS rented by the COMPANY are delivered and supplied right in size, in perfect mechanical condition and without apparent defects. CUSTOMER will return to the COMPANY the GOODS in the same conditions at the date designated between parties in this agreement. If GOODS are used in breach of Conditions of use indicated in this rental contract the COMPANY reserves the right to terminate this agreement and repossess GOODS at any time at CUSTOMER’s expense.

Damages and thefts: In the event of thefts, loss or damages (also partial) during rental period to the GOODS provided for rent by the COMPANY the customer shall pay to the COMPANY the amount of market value (retail price from price list to the public at moment of theft) of the new GOODS and/or all resulting loss and expenses. The company will do this compensation with traditional PayPal payment request using customer email address indicated in this form or by direct credit card payment via PayPal circuit. The company will charge the amount using credit card number data indicated in this agreement. The Customer authorize the Company to charge amount of theft, loss or damages (also if partial) to the GOODS provided for rent by the COMPANY calculated upon the damage and theft clause of this contract. The COMPANY will notify to the customer by email the invoice, specification list and total amount of credit card charge. In case of theft, loss or damage, also partial, of GOODS the customer must file a complaint at local Police station and send copy of complaint form to the company. The company can provide within 48hours courtesy GOODS, on demand and for a courtesy rental fee (25% off on rental rate indicated in originally rental quote). Courtesy GOODS model may be different from the bike model stolen. And will be paid following the same procedure.

Indemnity: Usual as permitted by laws, THE COMPANY cannot be held responsible for any damage to the persons or goods suffered by the customer and final users or by third parties, like accidents or falling in connection with the use of GOODS provided for rent by the COMPANY, loss or inconvenience resulting from delays on pick up delivery and/or drop off collecting of GOODS provided for rent by THE COMPANY or third companies or parts working on logistics and rental services in connection with THE COMPANY, damages, delays, loss or inconvenience resulting from use or breakdown during the use of GOODS or in case of loss, delays and expenses in connection of thefts, damages, accidents or any other causes beyond THE COMPANY control. The customer assume all responsibilities for the use of GOODS over as a result of any infraction of the road code or current legislation committed or irresponsible use of GOODS provided for rent by the COMPANY.

Conditions of use: The customer must look after the GOODS carefully and in particular must not allow be used : overload bike with carry of other persons over the cyclist, sub-rent this contract to third people, to propel or tow any vehicle, trailer or other object, In any race, test or contest between people, while customer and final users of driver on the bicycle is under influence of alcohol, or any substance impeding or altering his consciousness or ability of react; In contravention of any custom, traffic or other regulations, of driven by any person other than the persons covered by this rental agreement, unless such a person has been communicated to the COMPANY and previously designated and authorized by the company. The customer is the only one responsible for the use of GOODS provided for rent by the COMPANY.

Cancellation by the customer: If the customer cancels the bike rental or guided route less than 1 month before the agreed date, money will not be refunded. If the cancellation is more than 1 month before the agreed date, 90% of the amount paid will be refunded.

Customers and health: Customer declares that final users of the rental services provided for rent by the COMPANY to the CUSTOMER are capable use GOODS and to ride bicycles on the roads of country where CUSTOMER and final users are using GOODS provided for rent by the COMPANY. Customer is responsible for minors and declares that minors are able to use GOODS provided for rent by the COMPANY and that this GOODS will be used by minors only with the presence and supervision of adult and/or parents. Customer declare and certify that final users of rental services provided by the COMPANY and covered by this contract are in good health conditions. Customer declare that health conditions of final users can allow to use GOODS provided for rent by the company for every use and in every conditions like training, entertainment, itinerant travels, sporting competitions, etc. Company is not responsible for health problems resulting and consequent by the use of GOODS provided for rent with this contract.

Joint and several conditions: Customer is identified by ORIGINAL document of passport or driver license or identity card valid and unexpired. Anyone signing this agreement, either in his name or on behalf of another physical person or legal entity shall be responsible both jointly and severally with the principal for the obligations to THE COMPANY.

Safety: Customer affirm that THE COMPANY supplied with GOODS all necessary to guarantee safety and visibility of customers on the road. Customer agree not to use mp3 players and mobile phones during cycling and to ride safe with use of safety accessories provided for rent and delivered to the CUSTOMER by the company. Customer authorize to process, publish and share pictures and GPS tracking data in corporate web site, social media and other platforms. 

The CUSTOMER will not be allowed to take away the GOODS out of the National territory without the express and written permission of the COMPANY.

Corporate Liability Insurance: The COMPANY, for his works, is covered by MAPFRE  liability insurance #0961670007202. The aim of this policy is to cover the compensations that KILIBIKE, S.L. can be liably responsible for, as stated by law, for corporal or material damage and damages caused to third parties.

Protection of Personal Data: Of conformity with what there establishes the Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform that, your personal information they will be included inside a file automated under the responsibility of KILIBIKE SL with the purpose of being able to attend to the commitments derived from the relation that we support with you. You can exercise your rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition by means of a writing to the address: TXOMIN AGUIRRE 12 BAJO 20018, SAN SEBASTIAN (GIPUZKOA). While do not communicate to us the opposite, we will understand that the information has not been modified, that promises to notify any variation to us and that we have the assent to use them in order to be able to fidelize the relation between the parts. Also we request your assent for the communication of the information to other companies when this communication is necessary for the execution of the present contract or could suppose an improvement in the relation between both parts.